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  1. teacher macs i can not log in the kpis writers so i can not do the kpis writers.

    zen grade 2/2

  2. My dream was in the night. There was a large thunder storm crashing into my home. My pyjamas was on fire. My home was on fire. My dad said go out of the home fast or you will die but my sister is still in the room so i and my mom and my brother need to go out and wait for dad and my sister. So my mom got a bucket of orange water and throw it into the home and the fire is gone. My mom silently went into the home to see if my dad and my sister is still alive. Yes there were alive. Everyone woke up and my house is still perfect.

  3. Once there was a black flamingo that loved to poke underneath the ground. “It is extraordinary!”, I yelled. Then, the person that worked in the flamingo race said “Everybody can you please quiet down” after everybody quiet down, he said thank you. All right I know what you saw was super awesome how Rony the flamingo poked so fast underground but now we will have a race between Rony the flamingo and Coname the flamingo. Before we start the race first we have to let you know more about the flamingos. Coname is a home trained flamingo and Rony is both schooled and home trained. Now let’s start. When they were running, Coname was beating Rony then I saw Rony’s legs run so fast they went on fire. And everyone saw that Rony had a remote in his hand. We knew right away that he was cheating!

  4. Pat_G.5/2 Theeranart (Pat) Reply to Theeranart

    In my opinion is that children should have more homework because our parents pay 300,000 baht and we can learn more and get good at it. However if we got less homework we won’t get smart. Playing with your friends might be fun but you might forget your homework and won’t get smart also you might fail your exams and your tests.

  5. Pat_G.5/2 Theeranart (Pat) Reply to Theeranart

    I think we should go to California because we can go to Holly wood and if we are really lucky we can find movie stars we can also go surfing at the beach for two nights in a hotel we can choose our own partners in each room. And let our parents pick us up in two more days. We could also go to the beach for two days we could go swimming and surfing in the sea.

  6. Tod Nabhat G.5 Tod Nabhat G.4 Reply to Tod

    Last year I went on a field trip with my friends,Rook,Ris,Pat,Kana and Non.On the way to the camp we walked through the forest and we saw five colorful fishing boats. We asked T. Matthew. “Howcanthese five boats be in the forest”? Mr. Matthew said. Its because of the flood 2 month ago. We cut down to manytrees and we drives too many cars sothe ice on the Arctic is melting, so this made a flood and the boats flooted in to the forest with the flood. Whenthe flood drived the boats stayed on the forest and people cannot take them back because they are too heavy.

  7. Emily 3/1 Reply to Emily

    Tere was someone knoking on my door I went down and no one was tere so I went to the store . When I came bake the door was open

  8. Pun Pun Reply to Pun

    one day I go to school and my dad pick me up and I go home and I take a slower and I sleep and I wake up and I eat bakfast.

  9. Pun Pun Reply to Pun

    One day I see a fox and I let my mom and I go to a zoo.

  10. one day i go to the farm i got a carrort then i go back home.

  11. Pun Pun Reply to Pun

    one day i go to the airport and I go in the airplane and I keep my bag and go to my set and the
    airplane depart and I sleep.

  12. Pun Pun Reply to Pun

    One day I went to the airport and got into the airplane . Before the airplane took off, I kept my bag in the overhead bin and then I went to my seat and took a map

  13. Pun Pun Reply to Pun

    One hot day, I went to the garden to ride a bike. After that my family and I went to the coffee shop to drink cold milk. Then we went home.

  14. Emily 3/1 Reply to Emily

    My dream was awsome last night they had unicons and pegasus it was so cool when the unicorn king and the pegasus kingdo it together when they had a war with the normal horses thats why they call it an allicorn

  15. Pun Pun Reply to Pun

    Dear Mr. oz
    I want to has school not early because I want to has class on 9:00 because at night I can play rov and don’t need to seelp early and on mornig and I don’t need wake up early. Thank punpun

  16. Pun Pun Reply to Pun

    My favourite animal is penguine is have fur its has biack cloror and white its live in cold place.

  17. Pun Pun Reply to Pun

    I scared of Toad a Toad is look like a slim and is look yaki is has geern coloror is di same group of a frog

  18. Pun Pun Reply to Pun

    My dad because my dad is work hard for me and my sister and my mom to learn to has a big big house to stay don’t need to work hard like my dad I very love my dad.

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